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      The Qualified Choice

      Stephenie is the only candidate with a legal background. She received her bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and History, and her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Stephenie graduated with honors and was both a Presidential Scholar and a Pittsburgh Foundation Truxall Scholar. These qualifications are necessary for effective and thoughtful representation as a lawmaker.

      The Experienced Choice

      Stephenie works regularly with federal and state agencies on behalf of her clients. It is Stephenie’s job to cut through governmental red tape. As a result of her hard work, Stephenie has been named one of this region’s 30 Upcoming Leaders by The Pittsburgh Business Times.

      The Right Choice

      Stephenie values life, law enforcement, national security, and the Constitution as ultimate authority. She will work to rein in government and overblown spending, de-regulate our most critical industries, and harness Pennsylvania’s full potential. She believes in border security, energy independence, election integrity, and serving our armed forces the way they served our country. She also believes that the right to bear arms is the one that protects the rest.